Book Review: Pumpkinheads by Faith Erin Hicks & Rainbow Rowell

It doesn’t get more fall than this book. In all the lands it’s definitely the fallest of them all.

Pumpkinheads is a co-production between illustrator Faith Erin Hicks and (mostly) YA-author Rainbow Rowell.
Anyone familiar with Rowell’s work will immediately recognize the typical Rowellesque elements of the story from the get-go.
The girl is not your average protagonist. There’s a bit of geek, a lot of sass and good doze of the energizer bunny in there. They guy is the 100% decent, not-quite-grown-out-of-his-puberty-awkwardness, best friend.
There’s always something cozy about Rowell’s work and this book is no exception. Nothing too shocking happens, there are no dramatic turns of events and there is no major character development. It’s just two teenagers standing on the threshold of getting their independence (by going off to college) and are wondering how they feel about he upcoming changes.

And that basically is the theme of the book. People change, situations change, fears and wants change and nothing can forever stay as it was. So how to deal with that?

The artwork by Hicks is wonderful and fits the story so well. There’s an abundance of autumn colors with a nice pop of blue (courtesy of the dungarees Josiah and Deze are wearing throughout the story) She focusses a lot on the facial expressions of the main characters and she manages to convey their emotions very well.

This graphic novel is a quick and fun read about an eventful evening on a pumpkin patch. You can easily finish reading it in one evening, adding to the illusion that you’re right there for the night, running along with Josiah an dDeja.
And you might even have some time left to visit a pumpkin patch yourself. Because this book will put your right in the mood.

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